Venture into thecountryside district of Bududa and experience Bullfighting in a villagesetting,
a sport that has been practiced since the 1920s. Lateron, catch the sunset on top of the Wanale
ranges near Mbale town. Spend the night in Mbale.

About Bull Fighting in Mbale

Every fortnight on a Saturday, local residents of Bulucheke village are entertained by traditional bull fights , an event only originally thought to only take place in European countries like Mexico and Spain. The local enthusiats can be heard singing traditional war songs as the bulls get ready to fight adding more spark and fuel to the occassion. The competing bulls are brought in from various villages across Mbale and owners make sure they train and feed the bulls very well prior to the fight. The locals will bet just about anything including local brew called malwa and money as they watch their favourite bull fight along side the owners who are always behind either hitting the bull to add rage and fight or massaging their balls to mek them calm down… prettty interesting . They will surround the bulls as they fightsiging and calling them by local names such as Nabuminyi , Namani , Kavuyo among others. The local Bagisu people are very welcomeing and friendly so you wont have any trouble standing and chanting with them…

Bull fighting bududa

Duration: 1 day
Departure Time: 08:00hours
Highlights: (Scenicdrive, Sightseeing, Adventure, Aerialview of Mbale town, Hilltop Sunset)
Package Inclusions: (Transport and activities)
Price: $150 per person.

Interested in traveling to Mbale to witness the bull fighting occasion.. simply send us an email to or call us on +256-701367970. We will be more than delighted to organize a trip for you and add in some other interesting activities to spice up your itinerary.