Meet this double tribe wildlife reserve in the plains of Karamoja, in the North Eastern part of Uganda, near Mount Elgon. Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is located in the areas of Amudut and Nakapipiriti near a magnificent Lake Opeta. It is worldly known for its never contented and endless expansive character that is now covering an area worth 2788 sq-km.

It is still a virgin wildlife reserve area in Uganda for wildlife safaris and to this fact anyone who visits the area will really experience the true virgin African Wilderness of the reserve. This is true and evident with its unpolluted and more relatively undisturbed true wilderness.

A Uganda safari tour to this virgin territory blessed with abundant flora and fauna accrues to you an opportunity to explore this second largest wildlife reserve in Uganda. Giraffes, Hartebeast, lions as well as leopards, savannah zebras, topi, buffaloes and the greater kudu, Oribs, and the only remaining numbers of roam antelope like those that are found in Bokora wildlife reserve and on top of that, the rare species of the Rothschild giraffes.

A Wildlife safari to Pian Upe wildlife reserve will also give you an extremely wonderful substitute to Kidepo valley national park as it will let you access the rare Ostrich bird species. Other bird species in Pian Upe Wildlife reserve include the Great Hartlaub’s Bustard and the unique Jackson’s Hornbill, the white-headed buffalo-weaver which are the different bird species can be sighted in the Loporokocho swamp. On addition, the reserve is also a home to the different primate species such as the Vervet monkey as well as the rare olive baboons. The presence of these primates will indeed create an everlasting experience as you interact with these half human creatures. Pian Upe is acts as a habitat to the tremendous rock pythons and its also a home to the largest lizards identified as Savannah monitors. All these can be enjoyed by travelers who decide to undertake a travel to this living and non-living wild of Uganda.

Visit Pian Upe wildlife reserve for a Uganda adventure tour you are yearning for and you indeed deserve as it is only second to Queen Elizabeth National park in species diversity with a large number of them being endemic to only Pian Upe hence giving a remarkable and trusted source of research as well as a thrilling experience you deserve.

Apart from them being eye catching wildlife, Pian Upe wildlife reserve opens you to a mixed Ugandan culture land of both the Karamajong and the Ik people both living in Uganda and Kenya. These are known to lead a very ancient way of life of even half wearing, this makes it an experiential moment when in contact with them and them seeing and interacting with you as a new and advanced species in their land.

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