Bududa Bull Fighting in Uganda; Cultural tours in Mbale

The fights are organized in Namasho village, Bulucheke sub-county, Bududa District every fortnight on Saturdays.The bull fighting tradition in Bududa began in 1956. From the mid 50’s to the threshold of the 70’s, the fights were not taken seriously.

The practice was more of an occasional and casual pastime for local herdsmen especially in Namasho Village. The referees normally gauge the sizes of the animals to fight depending on the size of the bull. More than 1,000 people gather to cheer up the event.

About two to three pairs of bulls fight at once, with animal owners keeping a close watch and cheering on their animals. The sport is also part of the Bamasaaba’s cultural heritage that has been in existence since the 1950s. Spectators carry containers of local brew, which they take while watching the fights.

Elders pray to their gods before the fight as a symbol of respect to the forefathers, who they believe initiated the sport.The bull that emerges the strongest is named after the strongest leaders in the world and its owner gets small cash prizes from the community bets. Winners receive between Shs5,000 to Shs20,000, depending on what has been availed. On good days, local politicians stake as much as Shs500,000 for the winners.

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