IMBALU - Male Circumcision Ceremony

Male Circumcision is a cultural practice that is unique to the Gishu Tribe in Mbale. Gishu Culture dictates that all young men below the age of 18 years have to undergo circumcision; however this is not the usual medical form of surgical proceedure. The Gishu male circumcision is a festival in itself from the time the young men is identified to the traditional dancing and jubilation this turns out to be an entire community affair. The D-day of circumcision is graced by a traditional doctor who is charged circumcising the young man with a special traditional knife and not surgical blade. The Annual circumcision ceremony is usually celebrated at the Mutoto grounds in Mbale, where over 100 young men are circumcised in a single day. This is an experience you don’t want to miss when in Uganda.

Imbale ceremony

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