Kakoro rock art
Ancient rock art and an impressive rock gong are found on the granite outcrop at Karoko. Further (and better preserved) frescoes exist at Nyero, near Kumi 50km along Soroti road.
Bumutoto cultural site
This bare expanse comes to life every two years as the focal point of the Imbalu, the Bagisu people’s colorful, biannual ceremony in which boy’s progress to manhood through circumcision.
Moses synagogue and Kakungulu residence
Nabugoye hill is the home of the Abayudaya, a unique community of Ugandan Jews
The lofty Wanale ridge provides a bird’s eye view over Mbale town, 700m below
Wanale ridge is perhaps the most exciting and dramatic paragliding site in Uganda.
Experience the excitement of bull fighting, Ugandan style.
Follow the Sipi River as it plunges over three sets of basalt cliffs (chebonet, Chema and Tegeres) within a space of 2km.  Opportunities for mountain biking, mountain hiking, abseiling, rock climbing, paragliding and fly fishing are all found at Sipi. It has plenty to offer to adventurous tourists.

Mount Elgon’s caldera is one of the worlds largest. When massive eruptions emptied the volcanoes underground magma chamber, the mountains central cone, no longer supported by molten rock, collapsed inwards to create this 7*8km wide depression. The caldera is enclosed by the stump of the shattered cone. High spots around this ragged rim form the present day peaks.
Mount Elgon is famous for its Arabica coffee. Take a Kapchorwa coffee tour and learn more. The upper slopes of Mount Elgon are home to dramatic giant forms of heather, lobelia and groundsel unique to east Africa’s highest mountains. The Nkokonjeru arm is a 25km long ridge of lava. This spilled out of a satellite vent on the SW flank of Mount Elgon after the central cone collapsed and blocked the main magma chamber.
At the end of the last ice age, melting glaciers created a lake in the caldera. Rising waters overflowed the enclosing wall and cut rapidly down through weak layers of ash and agglomerates, to carve the Suam gorge.
You can find a variety of forest birds and primates on the trial network at Kapkwai forest exploration centre.



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