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Travel 256 logo Mbale Tours is a locally based tour operator in Mbale, Bugisu region of Uganda. Operating under Travel 256- (www.travel256.com); a travel agency based in Kampala organizing sightseeing tours and offering rental cars, we orgnaize some of th best tours in Uganda's most popular destinations and parks including Kampala, Mbale, Jinja, Kisoro and all ten national parks. We are proud members of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) and partners with Uganda Wildlife Authority & Uganda Tourism Board. In Mbale, we are popularly known as the Bagisu, one of the tribes in Uganda popularly known for its unique cultural heritage and enviable location on the slopes of Mount Elgon in Eastern Uganda.

We normally perceive ourselves as being more than just tour operators in Mbale but your local host and point of contact in Mbale District, Eastern Uganda.

At Mbale Tours, our mission is simply to ensure all our visitors to Mbale are immersed into the beauty and cultural heritage of the Gishu by providing the best sites to visit, knowledgable tour guides and the most safe and convenient mode of transportation with the Elgon region.
Mbale has its unique attractions and cultures not found anywhere else in the country. These range from the traditional circumcision ceremony of all young males as a way of ushering them to Manhood, there is the Bull fighting in Bulucheke Village that attracts thousands of visitors every weekend, this activities dates way back to the 1940’s when it was introduced in the area, the amazing sites of the Sipi falls in Kapchorwa, hikes up the Mt. Elgon and Wanale Hills among others. Mbale Town boasts all sorts of accommodation from luxury hotels to bed and breakfast lodging, whatever your interest is you should fill comfortable in Mbale.


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